How To Order

Ordering couldn’t be easier. If you are unsure of what you are after I would be more than happy to help. Our menu has been added below. If you have a birthday or gathering and are thinking or outsourcing your desserts, please do not hesitate to send over an email of what kinds of desserts your are after and I would be more than happy to send you a quote. Bake Sales will be held during the Brisbane School terms. These Sales will occur on our Facebook and Instagram accounts so be sure to follow our social media pages to keep up to date when Baking events will happen.

Option 1- Facebook

Jump onto our Facebook page and send through a message with what you are after, the quantity that you need and the date you need it by and I will work with you. Be sure to book in advance as spots for cakes are limited.

Option 2- Via Email

If Facebook isn’t your thing you can email me directly at

Option 3- Instagram

If you see something you like on our instagram page (or facebook or our blog) you can send a message directly to our instagram account.